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World’s Most Overlooked Eco-tourism Destinations

By Carlton Leisure - 28/04/2014


In a world where glamour and glitz are so commonplace tourists are looking for destination which delivers high on greenery and natural beauty. The term eco-tourism is becoming increasing common in travel parlance. There are places on earth which might be low on amenities but sights of flowers blossoming in its natural surrounding and animals in their natural setting make you neglect these shortcomings.

Here we are turning spotlight on some eco-tourism destinations that may not be very popular but are rejuvenating holidaying destination you might be looking for.


The small Asian country of Bhutan is well known for its natural beauty and well preserved culture. Beautifully snuggled between China and India, this Himalayan country still believes in traditional practices. Set in Himalaya the country is extremely beautiful and people are very welcoming. The nature lovers can go to Jigme Dorji National Park where they will come across unique flora and fauna. Apart from the verdant greenery, this national park is home to creatures like snow leopards, black bears and musk oxen. One can also trek through remote villages, monasteries and other natural attractions to make his/her trip more fulfilling.


Also referred as “Nature Island” of the Caribbean, Dominica leaves you awestruck with its wealth of natural tourist attractions. Boiling lakes, towering waterfalls, opaque forests and winding mountain trails are some of the major offerings of this island in Caribbean. On you tour to this island you will see the Mother Nature in its most beautiful attire.

Iriomote, Japan

You may be recognising Japan as a technologically advanced country but this Asian county doesn’t disappoint in terms of tourist attractions either. Situated at the south of main island of Japan Iriomote is an island with small population and great natural beauty that includes mangrove forests, rivers, undeveloped terrain and vast stretches of rolling tree shrouded hills.

Tasmania, Australia

The small island of Tasmania is situated south of mainland Australia and one of the natural destinations of repute in this region. A large part of the island is protected as national parkland. With temperate rain forests, mountains, and vast shoreline Tasmania is one of the highly admired ecotourism destination in the region. While exploring this island you can also come across some animal species like tasmanian devil, platypus, and forester kangaroo.


Few dared to visit Mozambique due to ensuing civil war. But now the war has become a thing of past this country in southeast Africa is emerging as next big thing in ecotourism. Miles of beaches and great wealth of flora and fauna make it a hot favourite among nature lovers. The adventurous souls can go for a wildlife safari.

Chilean Patagonia

The amazingly beautiful land of Patagonia is favourite haunt for trekkers, photographers and nature-lovers that keep flocking to this destination. Nature lovers often get awed by its mountains glaciers and untouched valleys. This destination in Chile is an ideal escape for those who want a break from the hustle bustle of cities.

Savaii, Samoa

Lack of modern infrastructure may be indicator of backwardness but for Savaii it is what that attracts tourists from around the world. The island is untouched by the adverse effects of development and it is what makes it a haven for nature lovers. With forests, caves, lava fields and waterfalls, Savaii is a place tourists should go for a rejuvenating experience.

Sabah, Malaysia

The state of Sabah in Malaysia is a popular eco-tourism destination. Thousands of nature lovers flock to this region where Mount Kinabalu throws a challenge to adventure seekers. The forests in the foothills are rich with flora and fauna that makes for a great vacation.