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World’s most unusual and unique hotels

By Carlton Leisure - 28/05/2014


While planning a holiday the first thing that comes to the mind is accommodation. Some prefer comfortable accommodations and thus booked luxurious hotels while some have budget constraint so they go for budget-friendly stay. But if you are little bit adventurous and want a memorable stay then you surely break from hotel chains and check into these unusual and unique hotels that you surely love and enjoy.

These unusual hotels may look crazy but if think then it represents the vision of future thinking architects who wants to create a buzz as well as curiosity among its visitors and makes these hotels a famous landmark of those cities and towns. So pack your bag and get ready for a unique experience.

What it would be like to live inside a volcano. Yes sure you can have a chance to stay at a hotel shaped like a volcano and that is Magic Mountain. It is situated at Huilo Huilo, a private natural reserve in the Los Rios region of Chile. It was designed after volcano and has water falling from the top sliding down the windows. The antique appearance ends with the exterior however the interiors are done with luxury. There are only nine rooms named after the bird species found in it. Guests can even get the glimpses of a real-life volcano from the hotel-named Arenal Volcano. Hot tubs made up of huge tree trunks overlooking the forests are among its major attractions.

The Gamirasu Cave Hotel in the small village of Ayvali village near Urgup in the heart of Cappadocia in Turkey. It was a former prison and monastic cell cave house in Cappadocia known for its distinct rock formations, cave churches and underground cities. The hotel is decked with 18 rooms which are designed in perfect harmony with nature and modern amenities. The hotel is an intimate and exquisitely restored Byzantine monastic retreat, is among the best in the region which focuses on great services, attention to detail and warmth of a home away from home.

Hotel Kakslauttanen is home of the famous Igloo village with 20 unique glass and snow igloos with 60 beds from where you can marveling Northern Lights through the thermal glass of them while lying in the comfort of your bed. Surrounded by Lapland’s exotic and stunning scenery here you can indulge in an array of adventurous activities as well. It is truly a unique experience that surely takes you another world. So catch flights to Finland to watch this spectacle of nature which is beyond description.

In 1970’s these would have been known as oil rig survival pods but nowadays they are hotel suits located in the Hague. Sometimes floating, sometimes land-based rooms were not among the choice of many visitors due to issues of basic survival but now replacing it with modern amenities alleviates many concerns. These hotels offer James Bond basic survival package features a library of all 007 movies, silk sheets, champagne and disco ball.

What do you feel when staying in an underwater resort. Undoubtedly it is an exhilarating experience. Poseidon Undersea resort offers all sorts of comforts and conveniences and is a beautiful culmination of every elite vacationer’s vision. Nestled amongst a 5,000-acre Fijian lagoon, the resort is first of its kind. An elevator provides access to 24 suites and one apartment at the bottom of the ocean where you can spend your days and nights with unmatched marine life. Visitors can also enjoy scuba diving as well to explore the depths of ocean. The resort is undoubtedly an epitome of relaxation away from the haywire world.

It is one of the world’s most unusual hotels which is a perfect blend of adventure and history. The Zacatecas hotel is set within the fully resorted 19th century bullring proving a unique accommodation experience to its visitors. It has preserved the feel and beauty of the original structure and the former bullring is now restored into c colonial style patio that offers impeccable services and great hospitality to its visitors.