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Would you dare to camp here?

By Carlton Leisure - 20/06/2016


Camping at an outdoor location is a great way to bid adieu to day to day stress. This outdoor activity allows you to become one with nature and an experience even a beautifully furnished hotel room can’t equal. Imagine the thrill of listening to cicada concerts at night while twinkling stars are there to give you canopy or retiring for the night in a cliff. But if you have adventure in mind you can camp at the places which are considered dangerous.

Tree Camping, Bavaria, Germany

Bavaria in Germany offers one of kind experiences. And you are given a camping arrangement which is hanging from a tree. This campsite was set up by Waldseilgarten, a popular mountain resort. You can’t afford to fall as there is nothing to support there. The only way to get to the tent is a rope.

Underwater, Guam

Have you heard about the underwater camping? No? Then Guam is a right place for you. Here you get a chance to enliven the experience. Such kind of camping arrangements are not commonplace but Chris Fietzer and Brian Wurster were not looking for a common campsite and made this underwater arrangement. The campsite has hammock, lounge chairs and other arrangements.

Lake Mead National Recreation Area, Nevada and Arizona

This manmade reservoir is synonymous to unrestricted water sports. But this reservoir is not safe and several cases of drowning have been reported from here. The park rangers said that these incidents happened due to recklessness. But compelling reasons doesn’t make the park safe. A survey found this park one of the most dangerous national parks in the world.


You already knew it but we would like to remind it. Your next campsite is cold, dry, high and windy Antarctica. Are you still planning to camp there? Campers often brave adverse climatic conditions to be here. They set their camp much below the ground and sleep in sleeping bags to cope with the winds. They are not allowed to bring food and go to the toilet. Can you manage without that?

Monte Piana, Italian Alps

You have to be crazy to try this adventure out as it asks you to stay in a tent which is hanging in mountains. The place is popular among athletes and wire walkers who camp at this dangerous location in the Italian Alps. No one on the earth can inspire you for such kind of experience.

Huckleberry Mountain, Glacier National Park

With omnipresent bears Huckleberry Mountain, Glacier National Park is also one of the dangerous campsites. Owing to lurking dangers of bear attacks on human several trails have been closed for exploration.

Mount Everest Base Camp, Nepal

You already know the dangers involved and nothing is in favor of campers. High-altitude, extreme climatic conditions and winds make camping very difficult but adventure campers are not a lot you can easily dissuade. They often takes flights to Kathmandu is the only major international airport here. Situated at a height of 17,600 feet the camp doesn’t fit everyone’s idea of camping. Altitude sickness is very common and resultant breathing difficulties make the going tough.

Sahara Desert, North Africa

Have you thought of camping in the Sahara deserts? The idea may sound fascinating but it is not going to be easier given extreme climatic conditions. The place gets very hot during the day and extremely cold during the night. Getting there could be very difficult and due to shifting dunes getting lost is very common. Are you still ready to go?