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You should never miss visiting Athens

By Carlton Leisure - 19/06/2015


While boarding on flight, I was thinking that what I would find. In fact, my first feeling to the city left me surprised. Fortunately, I travel all around the city and got an opportunity to stay in a nice part of the city, so I am able to give you a fair go. I really feel in love with it.

Athens is an overwhelming city and locals are some of the best you will meet. Here is the list for which you should visit Athens –

Cheap, Delicious Greek Food

You can’t make me wrong, Greek cuisines are my favourite so I was in food heaven in Athens. Honey puffs, Baklava, Dolmades and a number of Greek dishes I have never heard before. Each one is tasty and cheaper. You can find a number of restaurants in and around the city. The food is very affordable, delicious and the service is very warm and friendly. The people of the city are very friendly and offer you a helping hand always to make your day.

Superb, Fantastic nature landscapes

If you are booking flight tickets to Athens to experience the culture, history and food of the city, then it will be a great idea. The city always looks incredible, especially its restoring buildings. There are lots historical places undergoing restoration process, you are still not allowed to walk through them anyway. Ancient structures were under reinstatements all over Europe, so Athens is truly no dissimilar in this way.

Greek is a hot country, so while visiting Athens, make sure to wear comfortable, flat walking shoes, bring a hat and sunglasses and a water bottle.

Outstanding, knowledgeable Museums

If you plan to visit one museum at the time of your Athens tour, make it the new Acropolis Museum. This newly opened museum is wonderful, spacious and not at all stuffy. The past that this place carries is unmatchable and it makes a nice visit. I went because; I want to know about it. The museum brings Greek’s olden times to life.

Energetic, Exciting Shopping

Well at first, I will take name of Flea Markets as it is a great place to go for some serious shopping. There are many shops filled with gems, gifts, paintings, jewellery, green glass mosaic lantern and etc. There is some nice-looking cool stuff to be found if you have got a good eye.

These shops reflect Athens shopping style in general – specialty shops are all over the place. It will be fun when you wander around and just stop for something cool.

Kind, welcoming people

Greeks has found some of the most hospitable citizens you will ever meet in other countries. They are cool, friendly and very cheerful. I genuinely liked everyone I encountered, even the children.

Athens is stunning and when you are there, you will not feel away from your home. You will feel like special.