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Business class flights to Bahrain

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About Business class flights to Bahrain

Marina at Bahrain

Beautifully nestled amidst the Persian Gulf, the kingdom of Bahrain enjoys an otherworldly location on an archipelago. The small island country is well known for its oil riches but that doesn’t mean its history is any less impressive. As you visit this country you will find several amazing things inside its hard exteriors. Travellers consider it as a fine amalgamation of modernity with Arabness where you can find great regard to Arabness minus strict application of Islamic law. Whether you explore national museum in Manama or visit Burial Mounds of Sar, every experience is special in its own right.

Useful Information

  • Bahrain has a tropical desert climate and weather remains sunny roundthe year. However it can be visited from November to march when weather is relatively pleasant.
  • Drink plenty of water to keep you hydrated.
  • Be respectful to local traditions and custom.
  • Arabic is the official language however those well versed with English and Persian won’t face any difficulty.

Its shallow coastline is a major draw card for travellers. Despite not having a popular public beach, its coasts are lined with ancient forts that include fort Bahrain. In addition to this, there are three small forts in vicinity. Abu Mahir Fort is located in Muharraq and is also known as Muharraq Fort. While visiting Abu Mahir Fort do visit Arad Fort which is situated in the same area and dates back to 16th century. The Sheikh Salman bin Ahmad Al Fateh Fort is located in Riffa, is also worth watching. The city doesn’t even disappoint museum hoppers as it is home to some artefact rich museums that include National Museum, Al Oraifi Museum in Muharraq, Beit al Quran in Hoora, Bahrain National Museum and Currency Museum.

All these draw cards are important but those booking flights to Bahrain also have shopping on their mind as it offers a fabulous shopping experience at its traditional and modern shopping hubs. The reasonable prices at Manama’s ‘gold souk’ attract shoppers from different parts of the world while there are several shopping malls to give you an upscale shopping experience. Besides, the island country is also home to some excellent accommodation and dining options to provide you pleasant stay.

Bahrain Flights

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  • Average Flight Duration: 6 hrs 40 mins

Business class flights to Bahrain