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About Business class flights to Basra

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The city of Basra is the only seaport situated 120 kilometers north of Persian /Arabian Gulf, on the Shatt-al-Arab. It is Iraq’s second largest city and principal port. Its advantageous location near oil fields has made it prosperous. The city has a long history with a rich cultural identity which makes it distinct from its more northerly cousin Baghdad. The picturesque qualities of Basra have attracted a number of artists, poets and intellectuals over the years and make it one of the most sought after tourist destination of Iraq. While Baghdad developed the busy urban character typical of a capital, Basra retained its romantic aura and is often called as the most beautiful city of Iraq. Its romantic appearance persuades wandering souls to buy cheap business class air tickets to Basra to catch the glimpses of this beautiful city.
The city is also renowned as a great center of learning and many eminent personalities of Islamic history were born or lived here. It is also the city where Sindbad the Sailor began his seven voyages. An island in the river now bears his name in commemoration.
Carlton Leisure a premier UK based travel agent helps you to catch low fare business flights to Basra, a city that houses one of Islam’s first mosque which is situated along the outside of the Arabian Peninsula. Among the various other scenic spots well worth of a visit include the palm tree forest, the popular Indian market Amogaiz and ruins of Sayab’s house a famous poet of Basra.

Basra Flights

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