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Business class flights to Mali

Mali is landlocked country with Bamako as its capital is situated in West Africa is a worth visiting destination for its thriving culture and hospitality of its people. As a result where ever you go there are fascinating ceremonies, traditions with strong roots in the local soil and traditional cultures. The history bequeathed to Mali some of its most dramatic attractions and a legendry city of Timbuktu whose name had never lost its charm to attract visitors from all corners of world. So book a business class flight tickets for a trip to Mali and enjoy the beauty of this African gem.

There are several things that make Mali an alluring destination to visit. Among them Djenne has been designated as a UNESCO world heritage site since 1988. It is an important stop along the Saharan trade and its rich history is quite apparent. It is renowned in the world for largest mud mosque which is widely considered to be the greatest achievement of Sudano –Sahelian architecture. Visitors can enjoy boat rides from the port city of Mopti to various destinations along the Niger.

So grab best deals on business class flights to Mali with Carlton Leisure and enjoy a visit to Dogon Country, a UNESCO World Heritage site which has Dogon people which has been residing in Mali since 15th century and are popularly sought out for their religious traditions, art, architecture and masked dances.

Mali Flights

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