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First class Flights to United States

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Latest first class flight offers to United States from UK airports

The United States is a large country situated in North America is often referred as the USA, the US, America or simple the States. It is country of forty-eight contiguous states with Washington DC as its capital. Touring through the United States, one can quickly learn why it is called America the beautiful. It has long been a land of opportunities and constant change which goes on, and America keeps on reinventing itself.
The city life of America is the most happening and is often the center of the tourist’s attraction. The skyline of New York, entertainment of Las Vegas, Hollywood in Los Angeles and the great history of Washington DC are among the major attraction of visitors of the America.  If all this inspires you then don’t wait just fly to the United States and enjoy the pleasure of visiting one of the most beautiful destinations on the planet Earth.
The country is a great melting pot of cultures from around the world and plays a dominant role in the world’s cultural landscape. It popular for its vast array of tourist destinations ranging from skyscrapers of Manhattan to neon lit illuminated Time Square, from  natural wonders of Yellowstone and Alaska to the warm , sunny beaches of Florida , Hawaii or Southern California , the country has something for everyone. So weather you’re out of change your fortunes or want to spend some unforgettable moments of your holidays with your family or friends, or pursue a dream, there is no better place than America. So pack your bags and book first class flights to America and enjoy one of the most fascinating journeys to one of the most astonished destination of the world.

First class flights to United States starts as little as £3617 GBP with American Airlines including all pre-payable taxes and charges.

United States Flights

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