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Cheap flights to Israel

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Israel is recognized as a sacred land which is sanctimonious to all religions. Most of the people are not aware with the fact that other than being a holy country, Israel is a beautiful destination that attracts a plethora of vacationers from all over the world.

You would come across most biblical attractions in the country of Israel. These attractions draw millions of tourists every year. When you embark on your journey to the Middle Eastern country of Israel, you would not get to face a dearth of mind-blowing tourist sites if you’re travelling for the first time.

With Carlton Leisure, grab some of the most wonderful deals that are easy on your pocket. It provides the finest deals on flights to Israel depending upon your budget. The deals start from at a reasonable price of £256 GBP.

Israel is the nation that is steeped in its great history which once used to take everyone under its never ending shadow. There is a wide array of things to do in Israel that range from discovering thousands of years of history in Jerusalem.

If you’re a history aficionado, then this country would surely take you back to those times of yore when the Lord Jesus Christ made his descent upon Earth.

You can pay a visit to the city of Nazareth, which is worthy of any traveller flying to Israel. According to the New Testament, Jesus spent part of his childhood in this city. Grab cheap flights to Israel and witness the historical aspects of Bethlehem, the city that saw the birth of Jesus Christ.

Flights to Israel

You can get a return economy class cheap flights to Israel for 2023 and 2024 from £256 including all pre-payable taxes and charges. Amazing deals on First and Business class available for tickets to Israel.

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Israel Flights

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Cheap tickets to Israel