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Cheap flights from Birmingham to Khartoum

Al Mogran Mosque

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Getting around Khartoum

The streets of Khartoum are laid out in logical grid pattern, but the city is fairly spaces and is not possible to cove the city by foot.  Buses and mini buses cover most points in Khartoum and run early to very late. Car hires are easily available and the bright yellow taxis, minivans or air-conditioned meter cabs are plentiful.  One can also enjoy their journey by three-wheeled taxis which is also known as bajaj or raksha for short trips within the three cities of Khartoum North, Omdurman and Khartoum proper. One can also avail ferry services between these three centers which takes you from Central Khartoum to Titi Island, a rural islet in the middle of Blue Nile.

Information about Birmingham to Khartoum flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 8 hrs 55 mins

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