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Cheap flights from London to Lusaka

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  • October 2017
Information about London to Lusaka flights

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Climate-Best time to visit

Lusaka the capital of Zambia is s sprawling metropolis with many multi-storey buildings, high-walled suburbs and busy shantytowns making is a bustling center for economic, cultural and political activities. It is located in the southern part of the central plateau of Zambia at an elevation of 1300 meters. Due to its central position it enjoys an extremely pleasant weather. It experiences three main seasons cool and dry from May to August, hot and dry from September to October and warm to wet from November to April. Most of the rain occurs between the months of November and March. Best time to visit Lusaka is between April and November when you experience fresh breeze and catch the glimpses of rare animals.

London to Lusaka Flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 12 hrs 45 mins