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Covid-19 cancellations. Here's what you need to know about your refund

Updated 22-May-2020

We have been doing everything we can to help our customers during this exceptional period. We wish to reassure you that, while we know these are difficult circumstances and we appreciate your patience and understanding in these extraordinary times whilst we navigate our way through the many enquiries and refund requests we have received.

As your airline ticketing agent, we passed the monies you paid us to the airline as soon as your flight was ticketed. However responsibility for refunding flight cancellations lies with the airline.

Airlines are taking two different approaches to COVID-19 related flight cancellations. Some airlines are only issuing a voucher only, without the option for a refund. However others are offering customers a refund.

We act only as an agent for their product and do not have the authority to override or to change their policies. These policies are issued by the airlines.

Options which are available to you:


Some airlines are only offering vouchers for the full amount of cancelled flights, which can be used by the same traveler.


Some airlines are offering a refund. You can still choose a voucher if you prefer. Where you don't wish to accept a voucher and the airline is allowing refunds, you may ask us to request a refund from the airline on your behalf. After receiving the refund from the airline we aim to refund the monies to the original form of payment shortly afterwards. Please understand that some airlines are taking many months to process refunds, but this does vary by airline. We cannot pass the refund to you until we have it from the airline.

Most of the airlines are not following industry standards and have now introduced a manual process for requesting refunds. This requires us to complete an application form to request your refund, which significantly adds to the time and cost of requesting a refund on your behalf. We have increased the size of our refunds team to complete these application forms, which we typically lodge with the airline within 7 days of your refund request. However, some airlines are anticipating to take up to 6 months to process your refund following receipt of the application form. This timeframe is certainly beyond our control.

As we incur a cost such as marketing cost, card surcharge on accepting or refunding your credit/debit card payment, none of these costs are returned to us in the event of an airline cancellation. Our terms and conditions allow us to charge an administration fee to cover these costs. Therefore, once we receive your refund from the airline, we will forward this on to you less our administration fee for processing the refund. The administration fee will be £75 per booking.