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Flights with Gulf Airways

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Are you on the verge of booking cheap flights with Gulf Air? Then, you have made your way to the right place. Gulf Air is the national flag carrier of the Kingdom of Bahrain and has its major hub at Bahrain International Airport. Gulf Air is a major international airline that is catering to over 40 destinations worldwide and has been into operations since 1950.

Gulf Airways Flights

Gulf Air strongly believes in equality and diversity that comprises its own employees, customers, suppliers and trade partners, and the community in which it functions. The airline introduced new portable in-flight entertainment players (PMP) for Falcon Gold travellers.

Gulf Air has been honoured with the Best Airline Award for promoting Corporate Social Responsibility in Dubai in 2011.

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  • Gulf Airways Economy Class

    Passengers flying with Gulf Air are taken to the air with luxury and comfort. They are bestowed with various amenities on board that make their flying experience a pleasing one.

    • Flying in Economy Class would provide you light and comfy atmosphere as the cabin has been totally revamped. Loaded with 217 seats in a 2-4-2 configuration, you would not be one seat far in the aisle. All the seats are equipped with adjustable head and neck supports to provide a relaxing journey.
    • Travellers may present their request for a special meal based on their nutritional requirements. They have to ensure that orders should be placed while ticket reservation is being made and not later than 24 hours prior to departure time.
    • Remain in contact with your loved ones with in-seat telephones on A330-340 aircrafts. Some A340 aircraft are equipped with wall-mounted telephones. Kindly, note that you would not be able to make calls during taxi, take-off and landing.
    • Spoil yourself aboard with a personal video screen. Surf through 21 audio and video channels, camera views, airshow, etc. You can take a glimpse of various latest blockbusters in French, German, Australian, Hindi, Filipino, Tamil, Malayalam and Arabic films.
    Gulf Air Economy Class
  • Gulf Airways Business Class

    If you’re going up in the air with Gulf Air’s Business Class, you are bound to have the time of your life as you are treated with utmost courtesy and sophistication. You are in for the first-class service the instant your journey begins. You are lavishly escorted in a chauffeur driven limousine to and from the airports. You can feel the high spirits the moment you step on the airliner. You can look for a perfect stopover at the Gulf Air lounge at Bahrain International Airport, which is designed to reflect a soothing effect of Gulf Air’s hospitality.

    • Business Class lets travellers to luxuriate in first class service and amenities with the Sleeper Seats. The seats have a 63”pitch and 24” bed width, which are completed with cotton-back blankets and pillows. Privacy is absolutely guaranteed whether you are taking a nap, working or viewing Air Cinema.
    • The airline makes you feel extra special when it offers you world class gourmet cuisine that is relished with every ingredient in it. Gulf Air presents you with the wonderful menus that reflect a touch of modern design blended with Middle Eastern and international cuisine.
    • You can soothe your taste buds glugging down on finest wines.
    • You don’t have to hold any anxieties travelling with your little ones as the airline offers the Sky Nanny, which is a free service dedicated to young passengers.
    • How about taking a glance at various highlights that feature the latest comedy and travel programmes, Hollywood gossip, programmes from BBC World and much more? Sure they would thrill your senses.
    Gulf Air Business Class