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Flights with Thai Airways

Are you on the edge of exploring various options on economical deals on flights with Thai Airways? If yes, then you have to look no further. Thai Airways is the national carrier of the Kingdom of Thailand. It has earned a global reputation for offering ultimate standard products and customer services. It has won the prestigious award for “Best Intercontinental Airline” in the Norwegian Grand Travel Award 2012 successfully for 8 years in a row. Thai Airways is also a member of Star Alliance, which is the strongest airline partnership with the most extensive network. The airline takes to the air to 71 destinations in 35 countries from its hub at Suvarnabhumi Airport with its fleet of 91 aircrafts. When you on board the flight, you will get to realize an unmatched level of comfort in each cabin.

Thai Airways Flights

Thai Airways flies to a number of international destinations from London Heathrows. There is an exclusive “The London Lounge” where the passengers flying by Royal First Class and Royal Silk Class can gain an access to the services of the Lounge. And, the Star Alliance top tier cardholders can acquire the services as provided in the lounge.

Thai is equipped with newly installed sleeper seating which can be electronically controlled. It provides a great fusion of hospitality and exclusive facilities which are just outstanding in every regard. What’s more? You can take pleasure in the in-flight entertainment that would provide you a wide array of choices to keep yourself engaged during the course of your flight.

thai airways exclusive deals
  • Thai Airways Economy Class

    Passengers taking to the air with Thai Airways would feel an ultimate level of space, comfort and service which are beyond compare than any other airline. The dedicated cabin staff gives you a warm welcome and an amiable hospitality.

    • Thai Airways has executed a huge programme to expand every aspect of flying in Economy Class that would give you more reasons to prefer THAI always. You would get pleasure from the new and wider seats of the latest design that have been installed in many of the aircrafts.
    • Take control of the flight with a new interactive Audio Visual On Demand (AVOD) system that offers you an unlimited choice of entertainment and information options which are just enough to make your flight a pleasurable affair to remember.
    • You have a privilege of to choose from hundreds of options available. With the convenience of bigger screens and commands lying on the tip of your fingers, you can choose between several of the latest multi-lingual blockbuster movies, classic oldies and popular TV shows.
    • You can also get to grasp the basics of a new language with AVOD system.
    • Derive absolute pleasure from the quality of meals and the full complimentary bar and refreshments served. Choose your pick from wines, spirits, beers and a complete selection of soft drinks.
    Thai Airways Economy Class
  • Thai Airways Royal Silk Business Class

    All the travellers flying by Thai Airways’ Royal Silk Class can enjoy their flight with segregated cabins that are equipped with two-abreast seating. If you are travelling on a long-haul flight, the newly installed seats offer you 60 inches of stretch-out space. If you want to lie down, you can do so with 170 degree of recline.

    • Every electronically controlled seat is equipped with a telephone and laptop power outlet. You can take your senses on an exciting trip with the interactive Audio Visual On Demand entertainment system that offers a countless channels for music, movies, games and other information.
    • Thai Airways has taken advantage when it came to deploying the very latest technological advances so that it could install a state-of-the-art AVOD on its new airliners to provide an ultimate flying experience to its passengers.
    • You would just love to indulge yourself in a variety of amenities that are available on board. If you looking forward to grab some rest, you are offered soft blankets and pillows. You can go for a guilty pleasure in lavish multi-course meals.
    • If you intend to travel for four hours or more, you would be presented with a travel kit that comprises a selection of toiletries and other cosmetic products.
    • In THAI Royal Silk Class, your taste would be fulfilled as you would be presented with the finest quality of in-flight meals that will prove to be exciting your taste buds. The meals would be served in a restaurant style and the presentation of the meals is very amazing.
    Thai Airways Royal Silk-Class
  • Thai Airways Royal First Class

    If passengers are flying in Royal First Class of Thai Airways, then they sure are in for a lifetime affair which they would never forget. When you are aboard the flight, you would not take time when it comes to deriving pleasure from the privacy of your segregated cabin. How about taking some warmth provided by the exceptionally dedicated cabin crew? Feels at home, doesn’t it?.

    • You can expect a laid-back experience in an electronically controlled seat with 180 degrees of recline. This seat is truly state-of-the-art.
    • With AVOD entertainment system, you can browse through news, travel destination and information channels, music channels from jazz to classical, Asian to Western, to suit every taste and also, plus interactive games and kids cartoons.
    • Consider yourself a privileged one as you would be welcomed aboard with a glass of Dom Perignon, Bollinger or a vintage Champagne.
    • You would be bestowed with the first-class quality of hospitality and exclusive amenities to make your flying experience a memorable to cherish throughout. A beautiful travel kit is offered to those passengers who are flying for four hours or more.
    Thai Airways-Royal First Class