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About Business class flights to Luanda

Night at poor district of Luanda

Enjoying a stunning location on Atlantic Coasts Luanda the capital of Angola leaves visitors awestruck with its amazing contrasts. Be its balmy beaches, crowded local markets, large population, state of the art hotels and makeshift dwelling: this oil rich city has several things to keep travellers engaged for few days. Travellers often book a business class air ticket to Luanda which is peaceful, stable and home to 3.5 million people. Buoyed by newfound riches, the Angolan government is making huge investments in the city, constructing social housing to replace slums. Infrastructure is also being developed to make it favourite destination for travellers and investors.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Luanda is from May through September when the weather is mild.
  • The city lacks in hygiene so travellers should not eat at outlets which are not hygienic. Use of bottled water is highly recommended.
  • The travellers should take extensive cover against theft and loss of property.

Despite being a small destination, Luanda has a surprisingly good number of international connections; thanks to its large migrant population and infrastructure projects run by various international firms and its tourism. But apart from its business potentials, the city is also well known for its tourism appeal as it is home to some of the most interesting tourist attractions. Museums hoppers will find the city interesting on their visit to National Museum of Natural History and national Museum of Anthropology. National Museum of Slavery which is situated at place where slaves were kept before being deported to the Americas is also worth watching. Augostinho Neto Mausoleum, the mausoleum of Augustinho Neto, the first President of Angola, is also a must visit attractions in the city. Fortaleza de São Miguel which was an administrative hub during the early colonial period is also a destination worth visiting. Fortaleza de São Pedro da Barra a fortress that was constructed during 17th century was built to protect area from the invaders. Travellers also visit Palacio de Ferro which is highly popular among architecture buffs. There are hotels and restaurants of every whim and budget to cater travellers.

Luanda Flights

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  • Average Flight Duration: 8 hrs 50 mins

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