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About Business class flights to Cordoba

Mosque or Mezquita

Situated in the heart of Pampas; Cordoba the second largest city in Argentina, is a beautiful mix of old and new. It is one of the few cities where you can see heritage buildings situated next to bars. The city is neither in proximity to Buenos Aires nor is it influenced by it still it charms travellers from around the world who keep searching for business class tickets to Cordoba. Presence of a large number of museum and art galleries has earned it the nickname of ‘Cultural capital of Argentina’. And tourist doesn’t have to walk long distances as most of these attractions are situated within walking distance from each other.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Cordoba is from December to March. The summer could be hot and winters could be cold but the city could be visited round the year.
  • The city is considered safe for tourists but beware of pick pocketing on the crowded buses.
  • Comprehensive insurance against theft, loss and health problems should be taken.

The city has a lot to do for travellers that includes a visit to churches, museums, architectural marvels and several places to keep travellers engaged during their visit to the city. There are several buildings situated in and around the city. The Manzana de los Jesuitas, has been recognised as Humanity's Patrimony by the UNESCO. If you are religiously inclined then you should go to several churches dotting city’s landscape. Cathedral, Iglesia Sagrado Corazón, Iglesia de Santa, Catalina de Siena and Monasterio de Santa Teresa are some of the major churches that can be visited by devotees. Apart from these, there are other historical buildings spread across the length and breadth of the city that can be explored while on a trip to the city. Palacio Ferreyra, Palacio Municipal, Cabildo, Palacio de Justicia and Colegio de Montserrat are some of the major buildings that worth a visit. In addition to this, the city is also ideal for those with love for museums and art galleries as there are a large number of museums and art galleries dotting city’s landscape. Museo Histórico Marqués de Sobremonte, Museo Colonial Hispanoamericano,Museo Ernesto Che Guevara and Museo Banco de Provincia de Córdoba are some of the major museums where a discerning traveller must go. There is a vast array of hotels and restaurants to cater travellers visiting this city.

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