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Business class flights to Dhaka

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About Business class flights to Dhaka

Lighting of Dhaka City

Dhaka is one of the major and capital cities in Bangladesh and must visit the city once. Travellers are treated so well like a King. The people of the city help tourists to get their destination. Many are inquisitive, but mostly they come to define, to give detail and to make sure travellers are rightfully attended.

Dhaka is a city in eternal motion and the magnificent chaos is probably best viewed sitting on the superbly bright cycle-rickshaws, which struggle for space on the city’s stuffed avenues with buses, auto-rickshaws, taxis and even horse-drawn carriages.

Dhaka is more than a city and offers you everything that makes your vacation great. Today Dhaka is described as the most reserved city of Bangladesh. In spite of being extended over 150 square kilometres and house to millions of people, Dhaka is often a preferable destination for tourists.

Useful Information

Climate – The city experience a warm and humid climate. The city has dissimilar monsoon season, January and August is the hot season and monsoon season which lasts from May to September. The city usually offers good weather and you can visit the city throughout the year.

Get in - Zia International Airport, situated on 25 km from the city, is well served by international flights from most continents. It is an important airport and flights available for most part of the cities in the world. The airport is linked to about 18 international cities, containing London and Rome.

Get around – The city has a great range of convey systems from rickshaws to buses to ship. Public transport system of the city is good and you will not have to face much difficulty in travel around. Although, Dhaka experience nasty traffic, but it doesn’t bother you!

Dhaka is the economic hub of the country and one of the most visited tourist destination in the globe. Well it comes in little surprise and also suits your budget. A home for almost 12 million people, Dhaka is a great, beautiful and amazing city where you continuously discover yourself into the beauty attractions. And it is not about people - Dhaka also holds the world record for number of rickshaws in a city, something that adds a flash of color to the endless rivers of chaos that make up Dhaka's streets.

Dhaka Flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 12 hrs 00 mins