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About Business class flights to Teresina


Teresina the capital of Piaui province of Brazil is hot, laidback and unpretentious. Founded in 1852, this hottest city in Brazil is the place where common people from the region come to avail healthcare facilities. Being the first planned city of Brazil it is free from chaos which is the characteristic of most of the big cities around the world. Majority of the leisure and business travellers fly business class to Teresina which is home to interesting attractions and activities. The city centre at the Central de Artesanato is the place where common people and foreigners go to spend evenings.

Useful Information

  • Teresina could be visited round the year however most of the tourists visit it in February when it holds a carnival.
  • The city is considered safe however petty crimes are also reported very now and often.
  • Use of bottled mineral water is prescribed to rule out waterborne diseases.

Those visiting Teresina will find it interesting as it has a lot to see, do and explore; thanks to its myriads of options to choose from. Parks, museums, historical buildings, and plethora of options to wine and dine; the place offers all the essentials of a tourists destination. In addition, it keeps organising one or another festival round the year that allows a glimpse in day to day life of a common city dweller. Parque Potycabana situated opposite Teresina Shopping is a wonderful park. But if you want to sneak a peek in to the history then visiting Museu Histórico do Piauí could be an ideal choice where you can see exhibitions related to art history, culture archaeology and plant and animal life. Museu Histórico do Piauí, the former residence of Greco-Roman governor is also a place worth visiting. Those with love for plant and animal life should go to Parque Zoobotânico do Piauí, Rodovia which offers a peek into the flora and fauna of the region. The city holds a carnival every February which is a biggest draw card. While in city never miss an opportunity to visit Mercado Troca-Troca which works on barter system.

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