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Business class flights to Sal

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Business class flights to Sal

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About Business class flights to Sal

Sal mountains

A major island in Cape Verde, Sal is well known for its political and tourism importance. The island attracts a large number of travellers who come here that include family vacationers and adventurers. The island was discovered in 1460. Situated on a 35 km long and 12 km wide strip, the island is a hot favourite among travellers who visit it for a rejuvenating vacation; thanks to its sandy beaches and other allures. Every year a large number of travellers book business class flights to Sal which is located near the international airport.

Useful Information

  • The official language in Sal is Portuguese and those understand this language has an edge.
  • The best time to visit Sal depends on the things you want to do and explore. But the rainy season from August to October should be avoided. A trip from February to June is recommended.
  • You should pack some woollens for winters the other months of the year can be managed with lightweight clotting.

The island looks like a pearl amidst the turquoise ocean waters. On arrival the guests will get amazed to see its myriad offerings. The travellers can engage in various fun activities try their hands in adventure or explore the other beautiful towns in neighbourhood. Most of the visitors visiting Sal go to Santa Maria which is situated at a short drive from the airport and island’s capital Esparagos. On your arrival to Santa Maria you will see various under development project which showcases emergence of this city. Besides this, the city is frequented for beaches, great dining options and laidback atmosphere. The Pier and the town square a considered the hub of the city. Travellers often visit this city for a great surfing experience. The travellers should also Murdeira that give a glimpse into the village life of the island. Visiting Palmeira, the main port of the island should also be part of your itinerary. Sal is also frequented for several activities that include kite surfing and windsurfing. The island receives good wind from January to June during this period a large number of kitsurfers can be seen on city’s kite beach.

Sal Flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 8 hrs 55 mins

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