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About Business class flights to Ndjamena

Ndjamena city

N’Djamena, the capital of Chad, perfectly weds tradition with modernity and contrasts are very commonplace here. Enjoying a strategic location on the confluence of Chari and Logone rivers near Cameroon border, the city has experienced several rebellions and revolts in the past. Founded in 1900 at the site where French colonial troops killed the Sudanese adventurer Rabi? az-Zubayr, the city was named Fort-Lamy after a French officer who also laid his life in this fighting. So it can be called the city has its share of history. Its historical, cultural, political and tourism offerings inspires travellers to book business class flights to N'Djamena, the city which is a destination in its own right and jumping off point to several destinations in vicinity. This home to around 721,000 people still looks a village and sights of farmers working in fields near river bank is very common.

Useful Information

  • November to May is the best time to visit N'Djamena.
  • The city is considered safe for travellers however one should be careful.
  • The travellers are advised against leaving the main city due to security reasons.

The city is served by several regional as well as international carriers. It is a great leap for the city where boats were only mean to enter. The travellers are advised to hire a car in order to explore the city with comforts. As a vast majority of the city’s population is Muslim, its landscape is dominated by mosques. Visiting Chad National Museum could also be an interesting experience as it exhibits several artefacts from the history. Owing to its importance as a cotton-growing, a cattle-raising, shopping and fishing area, the city is frequented by tourists who come here to meets different objectives. The capital city is also home to some educational institutions of repute including the University of Chad which attracts students from the different parts of the country. There are some national institutions which can also be visited to while away the time.

Ndjamena Flights

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  • Average Flight Duration: 8 hrs 30 mins

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