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About Business class flights to Abidjan

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Abidjan, the largest and most cosmopolitan city of Cote d'Ivoire, is a major port and economic hub of the country. The city which has served as the capital of the country for five decades may have lost capital crown to Yamoussoukro but it has fiercely guarded its tourism appeal that inspires travellers to book business class flights to Abidjan. Tourists find this city interesting for a variety of reasons. And its unique geography is the first and foremost as it is sitting atop Ébrié Lagoon consisting of several islands bridged to provide accessibility.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Abidjan is from November to March when weather is pleasant.
  • You might get checked at military checkpoints. So please be patient.
  • Beware of pickpockets while visiting crowded places.

The city’s airport receives flights from around the world bringing tourists who come here to explore this city and its lovely surroundings. These days Abidjan is a major port for export of agriculture as well as mineral produce. Also referred as ‘Paris of Africa’, in recent decades Abidjan has emerged as a partying destination of Africa; thanks to a fine assortment of hotels restaurants and bars.

On arrival the guests will come to see some of the most interesting sights situated in and around the city. The city made big development during the rule of Felix Huphouet-Boigny. But decades of political instability and civil war has taken its toll on the city. Due to neglect and poor upkeep most of its buildings are in poor state. During you visit to the city you would have an opportunity to visit some of the most interesting attractions. Those who have interest in art and culture of the country should visit National Museum where there are several artefacts on display. Traditional art, craftwork, pottery and ivory work are other things on display. La Pyramide which is designed by the Italian architect Olivieri is also known for its great architecture. If tired with city sightseeing and want some change visiting Parc du Banco could be great idea where you can walk in this beautiful park. There are no dearth of hotel and restaurants to make your stay an easy affair.

Abidjan Flights

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