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Business class flights to Havana

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Business class flights to Havana

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About Business class flights to Havana

The people of Havana loves their city and unsurprisingly why. Set along the beaches of crystal clear water of Caribbean Sea, more than 500 years old roller-coaster history has attracted travellers to visit one of Latin America’s most electric and culturally unique societies.

The rocky ground for mountain climbing, a greatly occupied ships port to photograph and a profitable betting capital for the gamblers, Havana has stay alive all that has been terrified at it and still found time to recreate. At the front position of contemporary Latino culture, Habana has produced salsa and mambo, mural painting, Havana Club rum Cohiba cigars and the list goes on.

Useful Information

Climate – the weather is pleasantly cool with relaxing winds to provide relief from the warmth and humidity. It can be visited throughout the year and there is not much variation between day and night temperatures. The rainy season starts from May to October. The perfect time to travel around Havana is in the winter (December and January) but, the overall season is probably pleasant for tourists all year.

Get in – Jose Marti International Airport has three individual terminals. Terminal -1 is for domestic flights, Terminal – 2 is generally used for private planes and Terminal – 3 is for international flights. Business class flight tickets to Havana can be booked expediently as there are several airlines operating their flights to there.

Get around – Take off your shoes as the city is best for walkers. Most attractions lies particularly in Old and Centro Havana and walking give you a taste of the city. Must admire the cars of the city that reminds you the days of 1950s! It’s possible to roam around in a rented bicycle, as cars are rare.

Havana is the best place to travel in Cuba. It’s wonderful bay, tranquil beaches, picturesque mountains and photogenic fishing village, has been explored by travellers for many years. It is just a heaven and perfectly unique place in the world. The people of the city are kind, simple, modest and welcoming. It has good accommodation options to stay.

Havana Flights

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Business class flights to Cuba