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About Business class flights to Aarhus

Botanical Garden

Welcome in a world which consists of many wonderful things which gives you information and inspiration. Visiting Aarhus gives you a new experience while exploring its attractions – Museums, festivals, monuments, shopping destinations and etc. Whether you are going to travel alone, with friends, with family, you will get everything to make your holiday great.

Useful Information

Climate – Aarhus has typical weather and its climate is defined by maritime. Its temperature fluctuates throughout the year and the summer months are a popular time to visit. June, July and August is the summer month where tourists can enjoy a lovely holiday. September, October and November experience rainfalls and the months of December, January and February are the coldest months where it experience chill weather.

Get in - Aarhus Airport, Tirstrup is located on approx 45 minutes of bus drive from the city centre. Aarhus airport is serviced mostly by domestic and international airlines. They offer flights from different parts of the world to Aarhus and cheap Business class flights to Aarhus from London are also available. It is also possible to get buses and trains from the airport.

Get around – The whole city is well maintained, creating stroll an excellent and enjoyable way to get around. Rent a bike or free city bike available around the city. It will be a great way to save you from the city’s traffic as the city has separate lane to bike/bicycle. Even you should buy a pass which contains all bus convey and all the attractions.

Aarhus is the Denmark's second main town, also known as the "World's smallest big city”. Aarhus is also a cultural hub for the country, busy with life, a set of wonderful museums and an impressive tradition. A delightful train journey to Aarhus from Copenhagen is a wonderful experience. Come and discover this place with us and make some beautiful memory to rejoice throughout your life. Planning a trip to Aarhus, will really be a lifetime experience for you.

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