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About Business class flights to Guayaquil

Portada Guayaquil

On your arrival to Guayaquil, you will be acquainted to the largest city and important port of Ecuador. The commercial hub of Ecuador is vibrant happening and full of tourist allures. In recent decades, the city of 3,000,000 has added more skyscrapers to its skyline. It may have taken a leap towards modernity but you can still find a large number of impoverished settlements dotting its landscape. Being a port city it handles most of the export and imports to the country. All these features combine together to make Guayaquil and ideal destination for leisure and business travellers who often look for business class flights to Guayaquil. Explore its squares, see its historical buildings or visit its markets; you will find Guayaquil and important place to visit.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Guayaquil is January through April.
  • The city is considered safe for travellers however one should be careful while visiting crowded streets and distant parts of the city.
  • Use of bottled mineral water is prescribed to ward off waterborne diseases.

Those visiting Guayaquil will find exploring this city very easy as it has an efficient public transport system. Cars, taxis, buses and metrovia can be used for getting from one place to another. There is a lot to see and do for travellers visiting this one of the major cities in Ecuador. The travellers will get to see Malecon Simón Bolivar which is the riverfront promenade while Malecon del Salado is an ideal place for catching fresh air and spectacular sunsets. If you are a museum lover visiting Museo Municipal, Museo Nahim Isaias, MAAC and Presley Northon Museum in downtown could be a great idea. Take a flight of step to get atop Santa Ana & El Carmen hills that offers a commanding view of the city. There is a lighthouse, parks and chapel at top. Las Peñas where most of the colonial buildings are situated is also a major destination for visitors. There are hotels, restaurants and bars to cater travellers on their visit to the city.

Guayaquil Flights

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