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About Business class flights to Alexandria

Alexandria Bushairi Mosquei

Alexandria, the second largest city in Egypt, was founded by none other than Alexander the Great himself and has served as the seat of Queen Cleopatra. Not a surprise various legends and tales are attached to the city. But not standing its laurel Alexandria is a modern city with very few remains of its impressive past. As happy condition can’t remain forever, the fate of this city too changed. The lighthouse collapsed and the library burnt to ashes. If this was not enough the capital of Egypt too was shifted to Cairo. And this once influential city became a city like any other.

Useful Information

  • The city is considered safe but possibility of petty crimes can’t be ruled out.
  • The best time to visit Alexandria is during spring from March to June.
  • Stay away from the touts and take services of authorised guides only.

But Alexandria refused to accept status quo and a revival efforts started in 19th century. Now the city is at par with any European city. An air of cosmopolitanism pervade its air that inspires travellers to book business class flights to Alexandria, and explore a city which is sitting on the ruins of a historically important city. On their arrival, the guests will come across various monuments and landmarks that help you understand the city. Citadel of Qaitbay that enjoys a beautiful location offers a panoramic view of the city and Mediterranean Sea. The citadel which is razed and rebuilt several times is situated on the site of Pharaos Lighthouse and one of the important landmarks in the city. Cemetery of Mostafa Kamel which dates back to second century BC is also a major attraction. Pompey's Pillar, a 25-meter-high granite column built in honour of the Emperor Diocletian in AD 297 is also one of the must visit attractions. The travellers should also go to visit Roman Theatre, Montazah Palace, Tomb of the Unknown Soldier and Presidential Palace during their trip to the city. Alexandria doesn’t disappoint museum hoppers either as they have options to Alexandria National Museum, Graeco-Roman Museum, Museum of Fine Arts, and Royal Jewelry Museum where they can get a slice of history and culture of Alexandria. The city is also home to some spectacular beaches that can be explored as a part of your trip.

Alexandria Flights

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