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About Business class flights to Bordeaux

Old stony bridge

Ruled by the Britishers for many years, Bordeaux is the most wonderful city in France. It was once recognized as a sleepy city and now it is a thriving travel destination and Mecca for wine enthusiastic. The city’s unlimited energy is added by the feisty people. Unless you have been wine testing all day, then you will perhaps sleep quite well.

Useful Information

Climate - The city has wonderful weather and never a bad time to visit. You can go whenever you are free. Autumns and winters are normally mild and may even be sunny. January feels little dampness and spring is lovely but summer is hot as anywhere in France. Note – Some restaurants shut down in midsummer as they celebrate their holidays like all.

Get in – The airport is located in the west of the city and serves mostly domestic flights, though the airport has also good connection with other airports of the cities of Europe through various flights. After exit from the airport, walk to the right to catch a bus to enter the city. You can also take taxis from here to sightseeing of the city.

Get around - Bordeaux is a big town and most of the charms are located in city centre. The most exciting idea to discover the town is walking as it’s a pedestrian area. If you like adventure, then you can hire a bike. Small ferry boats allow a visit from the western coasts of the river to the eastern coasts and vice-versa.

Apart from breathtaking attractions, Bordeaux is a great wine region of France and offers you a variety of wines to taste. Many airlines are offering their Business class flights to Bordeaux and it is simple to book from here. We at Carlton Leisure are globally known for our best deals to Bordeaux and many other destinations globally. Come and let’s discover the charms of Bordeaux which is simply a great destination to sooth your mind and soul.

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