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About Business class flights to Georgetown

Georges Anglican

Georgetown in Guyana might not be cosmopolitan but it has a demeanour the travellers from the world feel tempted to. If cultural diversity makes a destination desirous, it could be one of the most desirable destinations. Naysayers might call it chaotic and polluted and those having visited it also approve that. But it doesn’t stop travellers from getting there. Business class flights to Georgetown remain filled with passengers who are more than willing to brave its chaotic traffic to get rewarded with an exemplary experience.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Guyana is from March to May.
  • Those visiting the city should return to their hotel rooms before evening due to security reasons.
  • One should take extensive insurance cover against theft and loss.
  • Georgetown has some satisfactory medical facilities to meet an emergency.

The travellers in the city should go to Regent Street a bustling market lined with colonial buildings. A visit to National Museum of Guyana acquaints you with the history and culture of the region. Walter Roth Museum of Anthropology gives you a valuable peek into the Amerindian heritage. Independence Square which is one of the most prominent squares in the city is frequented by locals and foreigners alike. St. George cathedral with its wooden structure is one of the most prominent landmarks in the city. Parliament Building that dates back to 1829 is also a major landmark in the city. If you are travelling with kids take them to Guyana Zoo where they will see animals from close quarters. Those looking for green spaces should go to Botanical Gardens which is a hangout place for families.

In addition, there are various activities in which travellers can take part into. Those inclined to movies should go to visit the Class Act a mansion that belongs to movie star Pauly Shore. Victoria, a village bought by slaves is also worth exploring. During your visit to the village never forget to sample the local cuisines. There are hotels and accommodations of every budget to ensure you a quality stay.

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