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About Business class flights to Dublin

Cathedral in Dublin

Positioned on the side of the coasts of curving Dublin Bay, Ireland’s capital town, Dublin, is an exciting, dynamic city, which in spite of its size remains completely enticing and an important part of any trip to the country. It has been redeveloped over the last few years, making a way to say that “the city’s sights are only for building sites”. So, next to the city’s chronological buildings – its castles, cathedrals and churches, Georgian squares and townhouses, tombstones and pubs – you’ll see imposing new hotels and shopping malls, eye-catching new street architecture and a high-tech tramway system.

Useful Information

Climate – The weather in Ireland is changeable including Dublin. In normal terms, May, June and September tend to be the sunniest months, while July and August can be rainy and packed to boot. Winter time in Dublin with its contrast between chilly streets and a cosy, indoor culture, can be delightfully atmospheric.

Get in – Dublin Airport is located in the north of Dublin city. The airport offers you basic amenities along with domestic services to many regional airports in Ireland. Dublin is the busiest airport in Ireland and 25th busiest airport in Europe witnesses a million of passengers.

Get Around - Dublin is a great city and you can conveniently discover the city. Public transportation is impressive and getting better, taxis are found in numbers and affordable. Even your own two feet can easily carry you from one place to another. Truly with its problematic traffic and parking problems, it’s a town where walking is good than the wheel.

Similar to many contemporary cities, Dublin is a wonderful. Along with its culture, Dublin has been attracting global tourists to enjoy its beauty. You will fall in love at first side when you visit the city. Its ethnic restaurants are next thing that is attracting foodie travellers. It is said, Dublin has also known for its classic features when you want to find traditional music and dance.

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