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Business class flights to Tel Aviv

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Business class flights to Tel Aviv

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About Business class flights to Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv

Tel Aviv, the second largest city in Israel is modern, colourful and cosmopolitan in character. Its beauty is further enhanced by spectacular coastline, drool inducing delights, multilingual population and its people’s zest to live in the moment. The city has grown to such an extent that even its founders will find it difficult to recognise. The place is teeming with skyscrapers where it was only sand dunes a century ago. Its cultural sides are shaped by theatres, concert halls and cafes that remains crowded with people during the evenings. In recent decades, demand for the business class fights to Tel Aviv has increased owing to its business and leisure potentials.

Useful information

  • The tourists should collect walking travel maps from tourism office so that they can walk on their own.
  • The best time to visit Tel Aviv is from March through April and September through November. However the city can be visited round the year depending upon your interest and expectation from the visit.
  • The city offers standard medical services to look after tourists during medical emergencies.

To those visiting Tel Aviv, the city unveils as an impossible mix of modernity and tradition. You will come across several heritage buildings, wine bars, boutiques and several upscale dining options. Also referred as urban village the city can be best explore on foot. And one thing travellers should know that they are not far from the beaches wherever they go. Business centres, museums and cultural hubs, all can be explored during a visit. The city has been declared as UNESCO World Heritage Cultural site in 2003 due to its envying array of heritage buildings.

Travellers visiting Tel Aviv would have options to explore several tourist attractions dotting city’s landscape. While Old Jaffa is a must see Tel Aviv Port with its several restaurants, nightclubs and bars is a place hard to resist. Centrally located Rabin Square commands great historical importance as it is the place where PM Rabin was assassinated. Rothschild Boulevard is full of Bauhaus architecture where several restaurants and cafes are situated. The museum hoppers too are flooded with options. They can visit Tel Aviv Museum of Art, Eretz-Israel Museum. , Museum of the Jewish Diaspora and Gutman Art Museum to sneak a peek into the history and culture of the city.

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