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About Business class flights to Fukuoka

Fukuoka Tower

Fukuoka, the largest city on Kyushu Island is also one of the major cities in Japan and a base for exploring the island. Situated on the banks of Naka-gawa River the town merged with Hakata in 1989. Out of two, Hakata is most popular. And these cities now have a shared identity. The airport is in Fukuoka and of railway station in Hakata. The city of Hakata has a great trading history and even today it is frequented by business people from neighbouring countries. Charmed by these features, foreign travellers often book business class flights to Fukuoka where there is several things to see, do and explore. So whether you are art aficionado, culture buffs, or food connoisseur you have countless options.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Fukuoka is from October to November.
  • The city is considered safe for travellers.
  • If you want to go shopping visit Tenjin the largest shopping hub of the city.

Due to connectivity of Fukuoka from several world destinations, the city receives a large number of travellers. It relatively small downtown can be best explored on foot however there are cars and taxis that can be taken. One should go to visit Gion Area where some historical shrines and Buddhist temples are situated. The travellers should go to visit ACROS building as its rooftop garden gives scenic view of the surroundings. Nagahama which is famous for Hakata's Nagahama ramen is also visited by travellers in large numbers. Visit Fukuoka Tower which is 234 m high and gives a commanding view of the city. Nokonoshima a small island in the middle of Hakata Bay is well known for offering excellent facilities for hiking, swimming and camping. Yusentei Park which has previously served as a villa of the 6th lord of Fukuoka is a fine specimen of a traditional garden. Kashii Kaen which is an amusement park is frequented by family vacationers. The city also observes some festivals that are worth watching.

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