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About Business class flights to Riga


Riga is the main city of Latvia and included in the world’s cultural and natural heritage list. It is situated in the central side of the nation and at the side of the largest river, the Daugava. It is house for more than 700,000 people and is the prime metropolis in the Baltic States.

As the city has urbanized at the junction of business, it has turned into a multicultural city in which one can often get a huge number of things that can entertain you. It is a wonderful place for a weekend tour, somewhere to get new brand and to relax.

Each century has left its mark in the city’s features. They can be seen in the architecture of the Old Town and the City Centre. This artistic heritage coexists musically with the swift pace of contemporary living.

It is also recognized as the gem of structural design - a town in which you can see together in one site churches that were established at the city’s very origin, the amazing structures of the Old Town, additionally amazing Art Nouveau such as, as well as wooden structural design which has survived for centuries.

Useful Information

Climate – Riga experience cool weather and can be travelled throughout the year. Summer comes in June to August and winter starts from November to March. Visiting the city in May is the best time, so plan to book Business class flights to Riga in this month when the temperature is relatively cool.

Get in - Riga International Airport is the largest airport in the Baltics. The largest number of direct flights is offered to Riga from destinations in Europe and Asia and from elsewhere the city is easily reachable using transit flights. There are two terminals – one for arrivals from Schengen Member States and one for passengers arriving from elsewhere.

Get around – The city offers you Trams, Buses and Trolleybuses to travel around the city. Taxis can be hired throughout the city, but check if it is metered or not. Walking near the city centre is also a best way discovering its markets or streets.

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