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Business class flights to Liberia

Recent civil war and slow peace process making headlines for Liberia for long time but now Liberia is back on its feet. Nestled between Sierra Leone, Ivory Coast and Guinea in the West African Coast Liberia rebuilds it and maintains a strong presence in the recovering nation. Famous for its golden beaches and blue lagoons lined with coconut trees and the largest rainforests in West Africa makes it one of the hot spots of continent. So make a plan and book business class flight tickets for Liberia which has so much to offer to its travellers who are looking to experience the untouched beauty of West Africa.

A lush rain forested country draped across West Africa’s southern flank offer intrepid adventures and fascinating glimpses of enigmatic society. Explore Monrovia the capital and sprawling city on the coast decked with several nightclubs, restaurants and bars along with some good sandy beaches where you can enjoy your leisure time. Wildlife and nature enthusiasts should visit Sapo National Park, a home to exotic flora and fauna of the region. It is only accessible by foot and consists largely of rainforest and thus makes it one of the largest untouched tracts of rainforest. Experience the rich cultural heritage at Kendeja National Cultural Center that represents the overall picture of tribal life of Liberia along with its customs and traditions.

There is so much to see and explore so just doesn’t wait. Catch business class flights for a trip to Liberia which will surely leave you enthralled.

Liberia Flights

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