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Business class flights to Yangon

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About Business class flights to Yangon

Paya at twilight Yangoon

Myanmar, a place for millions of people, is always open to travellers and generally travellers like to flock to Yangon, the nation’s biggest town, rich in culture and wonderful gold stupas looking towards the sky. Yangon seems mysterious as you might expect some interesting things to explore. The city is blessed with some amazing facts like interesting pasts, superb landscapes, stylish museums, up to date art galleries and so on. It is speedily changing and developing though, so be among the earliest to see this paranormal place and enjoy time with friendly locals. Make a plan and find its cultural extravaganza and religious land.

Useful Information

Climate – The weather is seasonal, with three different seasons: rain season can be experienced from June to October, a clear and drier winter is November to February, and a warm climate from March to May. The winter season sees a number of travellers compare to remaining months.

Get in - Yangon International Airport is situated within 30 minutes of drive from the city. Just went through a huge renovation with great facilities, it consists of national and international terminals. The simple way to get into the city is by taxi but it is also likely to take a public bus if you walk for 20min.

Get around – The city offers you many modes of transportation, but the most convenient way for travellers are taxis. The major thing for this is as cycles and bikes are not permitted within the town whereas taxis are easy to get everywhere. There are a number of bus services in the city; but luckily they are not travel friendly.

One of the wonderful places to travel in Myanmar is Yangon. Business Class flight tickets to Yangon will give you an opportunity to appreciate its dramatic lakes, green parks and leafy steamy trees. These are many reasons why it is called as “The Garden City of the East”.

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