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About Business class flights to Muscat

Sultan Qaboos Grand Muscat

Muscat, the beautiful capital Oman, has all the elements of modernity minus skyscrapers. It is not a small feat for the city where business and sophistication rules the roost. Despite its progressiveness, a proud sense of history still pervades the “walled city”. Matrah and Ruwi, the other two towns of this tripartite city, look more contemporary in appearance. However these parts too are not rich with skyscraper and government’s policy of outward – not upward – growth should be given credit for it.

Useful Information
  • Muscat has a tropical climate and weather remains hot and humid round the year. The travellers should plan a trip between November and March when weather is relatively pleasant.
  • Omanis are very respectful to their religion and customs so you shouldn’t do anything that may hurt them.
  • Be careful while crossing the road as traffic may not stop or slow down and it could be faster than your expectations.
  • There is no serious health risk in Muscat and the city is home to some modern hospitals and round the clock pharmacies.

The literal meaning of Muscat is ‘safe anchorage’ and the city is true to its name. The historic ports of Old Oman and Mutrah receive a large number of cruises and cargo ships. The Omani capital has plenty to see, do and explore that inspire travellers to book a business class flight to Muscat. Magnificent forts, Mutrah Souqs, museums and activities like camel racing, rock climbing and turtle watching are enough to engage you for few days. Grand Mosque, which is built by Sultan Qaboos to mark the 30th year of his reign, is a fine specimen of modern Islamic architecture while Mutrah Souq gives modern shopping mall run for their money. A visit to Sultan Palace and a stroll along Conrniche are highly recommended. With opening of a 1,000 seat Opera House, the city’s cultural scene has got a boost. In addition, Muscat is also famous for its spas which have several admirers.

Omanis are friendly to people and travellers will hardly find any difficulty during their trip. And there are hotels and restaurants of every budget so that visitors don’t have to face accommodation related issues.

Muscat Flights

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