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Business class flights to Riyadh

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About Business class flights to Riyadh

fort in the Riyadh

Beautifully situated amidst the heart of Saudi Arabia, Riyadh is a metropolis with steel glass physique and conservative heart. The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia might be teeming with fine specimen of modern architecture but it has not done away with its mud brick settlements and traditional souks. The political, commercial and administrative heart of Saudi Arabia presents contrasts like none other. One the one side Riyadh is sparkling stunning hub and on another it is a place with great regard for tradition and culture. Thousands of business and leisure travellers fly to Riyadh in business class to explore this city comprehensively.

Useful Information

  • While shopping at traditional souqs don’t forget to bargain as it is standard procedure here.
  • The tourist should remember that it is conservative Muslim country where alcohol is illegal.
  • The city is accessible during most parts of the year but summers should be avoided.
  • Arabic is official language of Saudi Arabia but English speakers won’t find any difficulty.

The city may not be stunning or full of attractions like Dubai but it’s not bland either. Riyadh has a good number of museums and historical sites to keep travellers occupied for some days. Make use of its excellent public transport system and explore some of the most popular attractions the city has on offer. Masmak fortress situated in the heart of Riyadh has a historical significance as it was the fortress King Abdul Aziz and his men stormed in daring reconquest of Riyadh in 1902. The palace has now been renovated to its former glory. Murabba Palace built by King Abdul Aziz looks great with its imposing structure. But tourists are not allowed to enter inside. The capital of KSA doesn’t disappoints museum lovers either as they get treated to their eyes at national museum. The visitors can explore this museum at their own as most of the instructions are written in English. Kingdom Centre with its 305m structure is second tallest building in Saudi Arabia.

Apart from tourist attractions, Riyadh is also well known for its great shopping and dining hubs. The city has a good number of malls offering excellent shopping opportunities. There are hotels and restaurants of every budget to look after you needs during your stay.

Riyadh Flights

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