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Business class flights to Syria

Syria- A country that takes its visitors to an authentic trip back in time

Syria is one of the world's great unsung travel destination situated in Western Asia. It is a country adorned with gold-mosaic mosques, Roman desert cities, jewel-like Damascene houses and sacred Umayyad mosques which evoke rich history. The best part of these monuments that they are very much part of daily life of people of Syria as they can shop ay souks, worship in mosques, enjoy picnics in ruins and stay at houses. Book flights to Syria and enjoy rich cultural heritage of country and explore its gems.

Useful Information
  • The country enjoys a typical Mediterranean climate with hot and dry summers and cool winters. The best time to visit Syria is in the months of April and May and then in September and October.
  • Damascus International Airport (DAM) is the busiest airport of Syria located in the capital city of Damascus.
  • Syria has some of the world's most beautiful railway stations
  • Syria is a popular destination for Shia pilgrims from Iran

Grab best deal business class flights to Syria and enjoy a visit to capital city Damascus which is one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. It represents a vibrant mix of historical old town with some 125 monuments and sophistication of a modern capital city. Aside from Damascus, Syria have other interesting cities which are worth visit due to their great historical value and cultural importance. Palmyra is an ancient city located in northeast of Damascus has many sites that still remain intact. Every traveller over here is allowed to hire a camel and a local guide to explore the city. The most important of Syria's museum is the National Museum that offers you glimpses of great cultural heritage of country. If you love shopping then don't miss Souk-al-Hamidiyya located just south of Citadel is a long covered market that leads into the heart of Old City.

Syria Flights

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