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First class Flights to India

Taj Mahal palace

A heady melange of cultures wafts around in milieu, ringing of bells in temple adding spirituality in the air, hinterland where a bird call wake you up in the morning and cities where tall buildings dots the cityscape. It is hard to understand India by visiting a particular destination as every place in this country has significance of its own. This diversity compels tourists to take flights to India.
If visiting diverse location is your cup of tea, a tour to India should top you priority. From ever raining Meghalaya to arid Rajasthan and snow clad Kashmir to backwaters of Kerala you are sure to be spoilt for choices. Metropolitans like Delhi and Mumbai further add zing to its cultural diversity. Tourists prefer to take a first class flight to India in order to reach this country without usual jet lag.
To help these tourists, Carlton Leisure a well known name in travel in the UK offers some unmatched deals on flights bound to India. Entertain yourself with AVOD, order fresh food from kitchen or just convert your seat into a cabin, the choice lies solely with you.

India Flights

  • Distance fr UK in Km:
  • Distance fr UK in Mi:
  • Avg. Flight Duration: 8 hrs 50 mins