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Cheap flights from Birmingham to Tehran

Skyline of Tehran

Explore unmatched airfares from Birmingham to Tehran with Carlton Leisure, one of leading travel agent based in UK that offers unmatched best deals so that you can have wonderful journey to myriad destinations across the world.

How much can you take?

Carlton Leisure provides you latest and updated information for each itinerary along with its baggage allowance to give you a better idea about how much you can take at a time of buying a flight ticket for your travel.

Getting around in Tehran

Tehran is the hub of almost all bus, train and air services. Every town and city is directly linked to Tehran by all modes of transportation. Tehran is Iran’s main international hub. Every day there are flights between Tehran and almost every provincial capital in Iran. Tehran is Iran’s rail hub and many services start and finish at its impressive train station. Buses cover virtually all of Tehran, but they are often crowded and slow. Buses run from roughly 6am until 10 or 11 pm, finishing earlier on Friday or on public holidays.

Information about Birmingham to Tehran flights

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Cheap flights to Iran