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Cheap flights from Birmingham to Muscat

Sultan Qaboos Grand Muscat

Search for a flight from Birmingham to Muscat and see yourself that how Carlton Leisure, one of leading UK based travel agent offer several good options to you when booking low fare flights to various destinations around the world.

Be flexible fly cheaper

When you use Carlton Leisure for bookings use our flexible date calendar. Click and search it from exact dates to flexible dates and let our system show you what days of week you get best price deals combination of dates that will get you to your final destination.

When to go

Oman is characterised by hot and arid climate with very hot summers and warm winters. The rainy season is from December to April with an annual rainfall about 100 mm (4 in). The summers are very hot and temperature reaches as high as 49°C (120°F) during the summer. The best season from visitors’ point of view is from December through March when temperature is moderate and climate remains pleasant making movement of tourists to various places of sightseeing comfortable.

Information about Birmingham to Muscat flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 7 hrs 40 mins

Cheap flights to Oman