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Cheap flights from London Heathrow to Peshawar

starts from £
  • August 2023
Peshawar map

Search for a flight from Heathrow to Peshawar and see yourself that how Carlton Leisure,one of leading UK based travel agent offer several good options to you when booking low fare flights to various destinations around the world.

Cost-effective Flight Tickets

Booking air tickets on Heathrow Peshawar flights does not have to be a hectic affair for you. At Carlton Leisure, you can search the deals on discounted flight tickets which don’t prove to be a burden on your expenses. With the endless options on flight deals, you can save money.

Shopping in Peshawar

Despite being a small city Peshawar offers various shopping options for tourists. Haggling is the order of the day here, so one should be ready to bargain. The foreigners should be extra cautious while going out for shopping. The visitors should give preference to fixed priced shops which are few in numbers. It is always wise to take a local along with you while shopping. The visitors can go to Old Town of Peshawar to buy some Pakistani and Afghani handicrafts. If you want to shop clothes you should visit Shafi Market and Sadar Area where one can find numerous shopping options.

Information about London Heathrow to Peshawar flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 12 hrs 20 mins