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Business class flights to Ethiopia

Ethiopia is truly a land of contrasts and extremes which is located in the Horn of Africa, a peninsula in East Africa.It is a country of remote and wild places and is a home to some of the gems on African continent.It is the second most populated country in Africa and is a melting pot of various cultural civilizations from North Africa, Sub Saharan Africa and the Middle East that provides it a great diversity.

The natural beauty of Ethiopia is awe inspiring and incredibly diverse.So just pack your bags and catch business class flights to Ethiopia and get ready to enjoy a visit to country where there are mountainous rainforests, cascading waterfalls, epic plateaus and barren wastelands stretching the Oganden dessert.It seems that in every corner of the country there is something amazing that just awaits you.

Ethiopia is the only country in Africa that is not colonized and thus has an intact cultural heritage. Addis Ababa is the thriving capital and largest city of country and is a home to several tribes each of which has its own tradition and rituals.The southern and south-western regions of Ethiopia contain several national parks among them the Awash National Park, Mago National Park, Bale Mountains National Park are major tourist attractions.So just don’t wait enjoy beast deals on business class flights to Ethiopia offered by Carlton Leisure and enjoy the great diversity of this famous African country.

Ethiopia Flights

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