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Business class flights to Addis Ababa

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Business class flights to Addis Ababa

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About Business class flights to Addis Ababa

A street in Addis Ababa

Addis Ababa, the capital of east African country of Ethiopia, is an emerging destination. The land of 3.5 million people may not be as stunning as Johannesburg but it is not dull either. But being not so popular has own advantages and its tourist attractions didn’t get mobbed by hordes of tourists. The city founded in 19th century looks like a magical place and a gateway to other interesting destinations in vicinity. But city itself is no less interesting. Visit its cobbled streets and you will find various remains of its impressive history in the form heritage buildings and other monuments. This one of the largest cities in Africa is a fascinating mix of ancient and modern world. Perhaps it is why demand for business class air tickets to Addis Ababa remains high round the year.

Useful Information

  • Unlike other parts of the country, Addis Ababa is extremely safe but travellers should remain watchful while visiting crowded markets.
  • The best time to visit city is from February to May when weather is warm.
  • While visiting Addis Ababa do bring a jacket. Due to altitudinous location of the city temperature dips at night.
  • While shopping don’t shy away from haggling as it is a standard procedure.

A walk along the street starting from Meskel Sq. to Sidest Kilo of could be very interesting as it offers an opportunity to explore the Africa Hall, the palaces, the Parliament building, the Trinity Orthodox Cathedral, the National Museum, and the Addis Ababa University among others. Museum hoppers will get amazed to see Ethiopian National Museum and Red terror museum which are rich in artefacts. Africa Hall where headquarters of various national organisations are situated is also worth exploring. St. George’s Cathedral which was built to commemorate Ethiopia’s victory over Italians is also an attraction popular among travellers. Medhane Alem, literally meaning "Saviour of the World" commands the glory of being the second largest church in the continent and a must visit attractions for the visitors.

Apart from being home to some of the tourist attractions of repute Addis Ababa is also popular for its shopping options which are several in numbers. Visit Mercato, which is the largest open air market in the world. Do remember where haggling is the order of the day. Souvenir Street should also be visited if you want to buy something to keep memories of your visit alive. The people are extremely friendly and ever ready to help foreigners.

Addis Ababa Flights

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