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Business class flights to Libya

Libya is a country in the Meghreb region of North America is a home to the Mediterranean’s richest store of Roman and Greek cities namely Sabratha, Cyrene and Leptis Magna. It is a place where history comes alive through extraordinary monuments at its sea shores. The Sahara desert of Libya is truly majestic and is perfect for those wishing to experience the desert. For those interested in Rock Art, Libya boasts some of the finest. It is a UNESCO world heritage site well worth of a visit. So just don’t wait and book business class flight tickets to Libya, and marvel at its palm-fringed lakes surrounded by sand dunes in the desert’s heart.

Soaked in sun, the strategic position of country at the meeting point of the Desert Sahara and the Mediterranean makes it an ideal destination for trekking and windsurfing. Do visit the Oasis town which is one of the oldest pre- Saharan cities in Libya and is quite popular for its traditional architecture. A vacation in Libya is a thrilling experience for those interested in history.

Just don’t wait, book business class flight deals for Libya with Carlton Leisure and enjoy a trip to country where you’ll have the experience of lifetime.

Libya Flights

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