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Cheap flights to Libya

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Latest Cheap flights offers to Libya from UK airports

Libya is the country in North Africa that is located along the Mediterranean Sea. It offers the travellers history, culture and a bequest that date back to thousands of years ago. Libya has been conquered right from the Romans to the Greeks who have left their mark on the country and therefore, it is home to innumerable ruins and prehistoric facts.

Present day Libya is the fourth largest country of Africa which is surrounded by Niger, Sudan, Chad, Algeria, Egypt and Tunisia.

The fact remains true that Libya persists to be Mediterranean’s opulent store of Greek and Roman cities that deemed to have played a major role in its evolution.

You can take a glance at awe-inspiring relics that once belonged to the Byzantine era. Relive the history by visiting the primeval cities of Sabratha, Cyrene and the Leptis Magna.

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If you admire history from the core of your heart, you can pay a visit to the archaeological sites. Sabratha is the old coastal town that is home to numerous Roman ruins that comprise baths, temples and amphitheatres.

What draw the tourists to take cheap flights to Libya are the beaches that are a real crowd puller. For instance, Farwa Island Beach is located in Sabratha is surrounded by palm trees and has velvety white sand. Several beaches provide diving opportunities to diving enthusiasts and have small cafes for the tourists to have a good time.

Flights to Libya

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Libya Flights

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