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Business class flights to Benghazi

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About Business class flights to Benghazi

Benghazi city

Benghazi, the second largest city in Libya, is capital of municipality of same name. Situated on the main Mediterranean coast, the city is well known for extremely friend people. And those who have visited it before can vouch for that. Travellers can explore the city round the clock without any security threat. And locals don’t mind walking an extra mile to help out travellers visiting their city. Though the city is dipped in tradition and not as liberal as Tripoli and it follows a strict dress code. As per historical records, the city was prosperous in past and its culture was advanced. And the city has not lost its cultural importance even now and it is home to scholars, academics, theatre and places for cultural performances. These features inspire travellers to book business class flights.

Useful Information

  • The best time to visit Libya is from October to December.
  • Banks and ATMs are commonplace so you don’t need to carry large amount of cash.
  • Internet connectivity is good in Benghazi so you can check your emails and remain connected to your family over chatting.

City’s Benina International Airport receives flights from major destinations from across the globe making tourists arrival easy. The travellers who wish to stay here for few days can explore its tourist attractions. Old Town Hall that is situated on the Western side of Freedom Sq is major tourist attraction. It is now in ruins and closed to the public but its ruins states the magnificence of this building. Its Italianate facade reflects its grandeur. Its large balcony which has hosted a large number of prominent personalities is also visible from the outside. Old Lighthouse is another prominent landmark in the city which remains in the wish list of every traveller visiting Benghazi. Situated on the waterfront near old Berenice the Lighthouse created during Italian occupation is still in use. Old Egyptian Consulate known for its architectural magnificence is also a major draw card for the visitors. The consulate surrounded palm trees is a beautiful specimen of Italianate architecture. The city also acts as a base for visit to archaeological sites of green mountains that include Cyrene, Apollonia, Qasr Libya and Slontah.

Benghazi Flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 6 hrs 55 mins