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First class flights to Bahrain

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About First class flights to Bahrain

Marina at Bahrain

Bahrain or the Kingdom of Bahrain is a small island country, situated near the western shores of Persian Gulf is an archipelago of 33 islands.  It is also referred as “Pearl of the Arabian Gulf” which has a reputation of relatively liberal and Modern Island that derives its name from Arabic which means “Two Seas”. The life revolves around water and offers the mix of both Arabian and Persian culture shaping the history and way of life of its people. Sunny, laid back and idyllic are the images Bahrain conjures up for most people, which makes it a great destination to visit and enjoy vacation. Are you ready for a fun-packed holidays, then book first class flight tickets for travelling to Bahrain , a destination that surely leave you mesmerized.
The country is defined by its relationship with water and offer endless opportunities to its guests to enjoy their leisure time in amusement parks for children, golf, sailing, Skiing, diving, boat trips, water parks and much more. From the excellent National Museum in Manama and the traditional houses of Muharraq to the extraordinary burial mounds in Sar, the country is blessed with many amazing sites to visit. There are some spectacular places like Behrain world trade center, King Fahd Causeway, Al Fateh Mosque, Manama Souk etc which you can’t afford to miss. The island state has become a centre for tourists who visit it for enjoying a relaxing holidays.
So, get ready to grab best deals on first class flights offered by Carlton Leisure and have fun in relaxed and laid back ambience provided by Bahrain.

Bahrain Flights

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First class flights to Bahrain