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First class flights to Bali

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About First class flights to Bali

Summertime at the beach

Bali, this small yet energetic destination in Indonesia has made quite a name for itself and travellers from around the world has happily succumbed to its magnetic appeal.A sense of joie-de-vivre pervades the air of this Indonesian tourist hub, also referred as island of the gods.The destination full of fun loving activities makes an ideal holiday destination and should be reached by boarding first class flight to Bali where you will be given personalised care.
This island destination leaves you awestruck with its various activities; temple ceremonies, dance performance,snorkelling, diving and the list is unending.But beach activities and nightlife is not everything this island has to offer.  Those who are looking for a serene escape can escape to hills and temples where silence is seldom broken. Owing to its ability to cater to travellers with varying whims and fancy demands for discounted flights to Bali never plummets.
Looking to fly to this island destination in a personal cabin and personalised attention.You should look for first class flight to Bali.Carlton Leisure, a UK based travel agency, takes pleasure in providing best discounted airfares to Bali. Avail the offer and enjoy the pleasure of flying first class.

Bali Flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 16 hrs 45 mins