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Cheap flights from London Gatwick to Nairobi

Nairobi city

Carlton Leisure offers the finest deals on cheap flights to Nairobi from Gatwick considering your budget constraint. You can book flights with confidence and look forward to grab a soothing journey that you have always desired to your favourite destination.

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Booking flights from Gatwick to Nairobi doesn’t have to be a stressful affair with Carlton Leisure as it proves to be with other travel agencies. With the help of our useful search engine, you can search the airlines that offer the best.

Weather in Nairobi

If you are planning a trip to Nairobi then you may be surprised to find out that the weather in the city remains pleasant during most of the time of year as the city is also called as Green city in the Sun. Though Nairobi is right in the middle of a very hot and dry country but the special feature that makes its climate moderate is its altitude. It is 5,500 feet above the seal level which makes it much cooler. There are two rainy seasons in Nairobi during March to May as well as later in November and December. Overall speaking the weather in Nairobi is fairly consistent throughout the year and you won’t find any drastic temperature swings. The best time to visit it from August- September as it is the coolest time of the year.

Information about London Gatwick to Nairobi flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 8 hrs 50 mins