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Cheap flights from London Heathrow to Melbourne

starts from £

Cheap flights from London Heathrow to Melbourne

  • July 2024
  • August 2024
  • October 2024
Melbourne at night

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Getting around in Melbourne

Melbourne is spanned over a vast area and there is an excellent network of train and trams to take you from one destination to another. As city center is based on a grid system navigating from one destination to another quite easy. The city of Melbourne is highly praised for its excellent road planning. Trains are good for taking you to the city center and suburbs. The facilities in buses are top grade and there are raised platforms at the bus stations. Facilities like ramps and wheelchairs are available at the bus stations. Besides, there are bike, cars and taxi rentals in the city.

Information about London Heathrow to Melbourne flights

  • Distance from UK:
  • Average Flight Duration: 22 hrs 45 mins