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Business class flights to Dalian

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About Business class flights to Dalian

Downtown of the Dalian

Tucked on the Liaodong peninsula on the yellow sea, Dalian is a major tourist destination and sea port in northern China. Dalian is considered one of the most livable cities in the country. Tree lined avenues, well handled traffic, impressive architecture, beautiful coastline and great civic amenities help Dalian stand in the list of one of the best cities to reside. Civic amenities apart, Dalian is home to some spectacular sites and great business opportunities that inspire travellers to business class flights to Dalian. And those who have visited it before says that the city lives up to expectations. Dalian Zhoushuizi International Airport receives several domestic and international flights. So it is very easy for travellers to arrive Dalian. The city is well connected to the rest parts China through rail road and waterways. Once you arrive in the city there are taxis, buses, subway and trams to take you from one place to another. A large part of the city can also be explored on the foot.

Useful Information

  • Best time to visit Dalian is March to October.
  • Be very careful while crossing the roads as some taxi drivers doesn’t obey the signals.
  • The city has a very good reputation of seafood delicacies and those with love for it will find it interesting.

You may not find a large number of tourist attractions here but it has enough to engage you for few days. For most of the Chinese travellers it is well known for squares and open green spaces. And you will come across various squares during your visit. Zhongshan Square is one such square which is home to some financial institutions and some old Japanese buildings. Renmin Square where administrative center of the city is situated is also prominent while Xinghai Square is home to a large number of tourists draw cards. Dalian also has a good number of colonial buildings that make add to its popularity as a tourist destination of repute. On your visit to Russian Street you will come across an array of such buildings. If you want to know about the wildlife of the region Dalian is a place especially for you as it is home to a large number of animal species from the region. Apart from that you can find some spectacular beaches that add spice to your visit.

Dalian Flights

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